Sunday, April 15, 2007

Insert Clever Title Here

"Dear UPS, I don't know what I got in the mail, but I want it. I'm writing this letter so I can have it." Sincerely, Bo H.

Snow on easter? Yes. Ug. Edited coloring in this picture? No! Love that!

Doing a bit of scrapping this weekend. Did this last weekend with the 3 Scrappy Boys April Kit. This weekend, I'm pulling out old photos and just pounding them out. It's a bit of a strange sensation. I've discovered that it takes me a while to warm up if I don't have anything specific in mind. I've made about 8 layouts this weekend, and I finally like the last two I did. Bill got me a new scanner (bless him, yeah, but he stole my old all-in-one) so I'll try to scan a couple today if I can get it together! Off to coffee and laundry!


Shelly Brewer said...

Can't wait to see all of your new stuff!! how funny is that note!

jayjay said...

Glad you said "coffee and laundry" in that order. I'm sipping my latte as I type. THRILLED to see you putting another blog up. SNOW?? I saw some in the peaks of the ranges down in Christchurch last week. How lovely.

Pound said...

that letter is the BEST. um, i want it, so give it to me. lmao!

and where are the rest of the scraps?!

jill said...

Happy moving! I love that easter picture, and the letter!