Monday, April 16, 2007

Oh Pickles.

Gosh, but I'm glad the work day is over today.

Now, just gots to get through tommorrow.

Wednesday is dentist day. For the kids.

Emma has to go under. She's so tough, I'm sure she'll be fine.

Her new word is "Pickles."

Demonstrated as follows.

Me: No Em, you may not have any dessert.
Emma: Oh, Pickles!

Me: Emma, you may not wear your Barbie shoes to the store.
Emma: Oh, Pickles!

Scrapping this weekend which was very nice, and I guess worth the time it took to cart it all out to the living room and then back again.

JoAnne's had these felt letters on sale for 97 cents! SCORE!!! I got smaller green ones and little butterflies too. Two years ago I would have died before I would have put one on a page. Now they are quirky. And CHEAP-- HELLO?

Say Howdy to the music, friends. It's nice to have it back.


Goody said...

Love them all! Especially my little "Pickles." Sometimes sour, sometimes sweet, always mine! Higher ground is where I want to be!!

Pound said...

you need to teach her to say "oh kelly pickler" instead of pickles. it's funnier =P

and i'd say those pages were worth the carting. yep.