Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Pretty Lame.

I haven't much to say, just felt like blogging.

I would love to post cool pictures, and inspirational links and use witty and pithy phraseology.

You'll just have to go here for that.

and SOMEONE's got a THING coming up on friday.....

I find I am tired in the evenings.

But so far I do like this job.

I've lost an hour in the mornings, so there is some rushing and a wee bit of shouting that goes down, but other than that, oh and the fact of missing two days at home with Emma, and having time with the kids in the afternoon, it's all good.

Bill makes good dinners. The one night I've cooked since I've worked was packaged crock pot pot roast (really annoying and redundant, but how else should I put it?) and it was NOT GOOD. I guess any time the meal requires the word "pot" twice you should have a clue about the outcome, no?

I like coming home and not cooking. I've NO complaints about that.

I've exercised 3 out of the last 4 days, and scrapped a layout last night, (not the one I NEEDED to do, mind you, but the one I WANTED to do.)

So now I'm scanning aforementioned layout to post here for your viewing pleasure. Some of you may recall this from my "day in the life" post.

It's uploading now.


I just remembered why I started taking pictures of layouts rather than scanning them.
But I'm out o' batteries.
That's on the list, along with returning shoes that were cute and comfortable and practical in the store, and came home and they were cute and killer, and as a result, not practical. I don't know how that works. It's WRONG.

This is all just lame.
Sorry kids.

I'm off to read The Diary of George Fox. I like him. Unafraid. Nonconformist. I think of the Quakers as quiet, gentle, behind the scenes sort of folks, but there was jail time and martyrdom for these people back in the day.

Life is so different now. For all of us.


Anonymous said...

i think you are fabulous

Just Say Julie said...

love the stamping on the layout

Pound said...

how did i already know that first link led to alison?
and that page- is so cute and fun. love it!!!
we need to go shoe shopping together. i need new patent black peep toes. that aren't 8" high. or even 4" high.

Colleen said...

ok, now i want to just drive over there and give you a big hug and cook you guys something for dinner.

and i freakin love the word pithy and that you use it

caroline said...

love the page
glad to hear the job is going well!!

Goody said...

I was happy to read your blog. I know how busy life is for you. You didn't mention how much you missed seeing your mother almost daily. But, ah well! PITHY. Is that a vocabulary word? It is sententious.
Tch, tch! Love the lo.

Jada's Gigi said...

nice to see you back...sorry you're working so much...but then so am'll get a schedule worked out eventually...I like George Fox too...brave pioneers they were, back in the some people I actually know right now...:)