Friday, December 01, 2006

Day in the Life: second half

Continued from above
Once again, words will have to fill in the blanks. From 2-4 there is popcorn, hot chocolate and Star Wars. And SNOW!!!

3:45 An offer I don't refuse

4-5 Emma and I bake the first batch o' Christmas cookies

4-5 while the boys play game cube

5:30 Leftover pizza and the Immigrant Song ala Jack Black "RONK-gonga-GEEcha! RONK-gonga-GEEcha!" (kids have not seen or heard this, but they love singing it.)

6:00 over to goody and
grandad's in snow and ice

7:00 mom reads to kids
after I demonstrate the
marvels on online christmas shopping.

toenails painted during "School of Rock" and off to bed.


Anonymous said...

love sneakin' a peek into your life!

what was the offer at 3:45? 'cause i'm all curious now! ;)

Jamie said...

I know, now I wanna know the offer, lol!
Mmmmmmmmm, cooooooookies......
My toes desperatly need to be painted....
Loved this so much!!

Anonymous said...

oh man!
this is the bombinator
What's the offer?
i have to KNOW

Jada's Gigi said...

nothing like "snow" days..especially in the deep south...:)

Goody said...

And I know the secret. (Hmmm, lets see, what was it again?)
I feel like I was there with you all day! Thanks for coming over dearie! Love you

missquiss said...

School of Rock is the bomb!
I need to bust out some Christmas cookies.

jayjay said...

Aw, i can't believe we're back to making contact by blog. VERY grateful that I saw you, and Bo and Emma, and that they know who I am now. BUT all the same. . . Enjoyed this foray into your life. Sniff.

Anonymous said...

this was a fun post!
sounds like a great/fun day!!
keep warm