Monday, December 04, 2006

Day in the Life: first half

Let me start by saying that I have reached my maximum (apparently) on the number of photos I'm allowed in each post. So, the morning starts with a crabby little girl, a cheerful little boy, breakfast, lunches," get dressed, brush hair and teeth, socks and shoes, make bed, backpack and lunch." Don't be fooled. I have to say all those things every morning.

7:55- still crabby

7:56: things are starting to look up. I sorta like it when I get to take Bo by myself, cause he always gives me two hugs and two kisses with a stern reminder to pass one of each on to Emma.

8:05: Don't want to miss a thing!

8:17- Emma cheers up enough to "get cute"

8:40: Looks like it's time for me to do the same

9:00: Em's at school, headed to work in the ice.

11:00 Icier.

1:00 Home safe, only to turn around and go get the kids out of school, cause there's an excused absence due to the weather, and I decide to be the "cool" mom.

1:10: Really sad to see me coming.


Anonymous said...

love the part one
love the 2 kisses
and i think it is really hard to take photos of yourself in the mirror
where is your xmas tree??

Anonymous said...

how cute are those kids kissing??!!
and all that ice and snow. blarrggg!

Kim said...

I love that crabby little girl and that happy little boy. And I love how they love one another. Love you too!

Anonymous said...

hi sarah! love the pic of your kids kissing and your driving pic too!