Monday, August 21, 2006

Good for Today.

You know what is good??

Tostitos Flour Tortilla Chips with Lime.

Friends who have your back when you are being a bit Lame.
you are the bestest.

A crock pot with food cooking in it.

A 12x12 album for 2.99. Yep. AND it's cute.

Waiting on the Lord, and trusting that His time is perfect.

and did I mention the Tostitos with Lime? Wowza.


Jana said...

Talk about God's blessings in your life....I saw your name on the Top 10 list at Poppy Ink!! A huge congrats on that, given the "bajillion" folks who applied for her DT being in her top 10 is amazing. She probably didn't even give my work a second glace!! I miss you guys, not sure where you're all hanging out at now. :-(

Lu said...

Yes, second to the last sentence. Ain't that the truth, Sarah!

CaroMado said...

tostito's with lime rocks...and you dont even need anything else!

jill said...

You have such a good spirit Sarah. Congrats on making top ten. And tostitos with lime are sooo good.

Anonymous said...

you know what else is good? you!
thanks for what you said on my bloggie. i suppose adore is the right word after all. :)

Jada's Gigi said...

Love your new pic! Thanks for stopping by Bek's blog...:)

Mara said...

with lime?
might have to try that :)

Colleen said...

oh yeah
they rock
with a little newman's own salsa

oh yeah

caroline said...

(you're not lame. dude. you are AWESOME)

Michelle W. said...

hey I'm mentioned!!!

now that makes me feel special. lol