Monday, July 17, 2006

Come on, and take a free ride!!!

Some things a boy should do the summer he turns seven years old.
1) Learn to ride a bike.
2) Become a swimmer.
3) Obtain a guitar from your Aunt Missy and make it a goal to play "Life is a Highway"
4) Stay up late and get up early.
5) Sing ALOT. (hence the title of this post)
6) Read books like the Magic Tree House books and Andrew Lost and Nate the Great.
7) Start working on fractions using napkins, ice cream and peaches.
8) Get a blister on your thumb from too much game cube.
9) Worry about sharks.
10) Make up jokes.


caroline said...

oh man
love them pics!!

Mara said...

aww. cute post :)

angieoh! said...

Awesome... that sounds like a great list. In fact, you have insprired me to do my own... will have to mull this over today!

sarah said...

what an excellent list...
and those pictures are adorable! :)

Chares Square Co-op said...

yay for summer and 7 :)

Jana said...

Yep girlfriend, can pretty much relate to most of these being that I have 3 of those little suckers running around my house all summer (plus several friends)! Cute pics!!

Barb said...

He sounds like such a sweetie! Silly computer--not letting me see your pics.

Anonymous said...

this is such a cute blog post
love your list
are you gonna scrap it??

Goody said...

#ll Delight your mom and your goody with your innocent, dear ways. Love the pix and the list!

Anonymous said...

What great pictures of Bo- and thanks to his grandfather, Ev, for helping him learn! Happy Almost Birthday to Bo. 7 is a great year!

Jada's Gigi said...

they grow up soooo fast!