Tuesday, July 11, 2006


a) Planning for a trip. Planning to scrap a bit whilst on trip. The dilemma is no longer how many pairs of jeans, but how many sets of rubons.

b) wee gifties from Mom, who knows what I like.
c) mail love from Paris that makes me feel like Amelie. Emma was also enchanted by it. She said "It's so cute, I just can't stop looking at it!" That's a book in there. A book and goodies. Love my apea.

d) The August/September Scrapbook Answers should be purchased. It's very grand, and not just because of page 78. (ahem) There's some adorable Hanni in there and Ashley Calder is amazing. I know you're dazzled by my photo shop skills. I'm a bit dazzled myself. I mean, look, LOOK at those stars!!! Woah.

e) days off, down time and good books.


Goody said...

I am so proud of you, for you and for me!!!! Page 78 is wonderful!!!!

Colleen said...

yeah i saw you rockin page 78
you go girl!

sarah said...

oh, I get paid tomorrow...I'll have to check out page 78! ;)

yay for fun treasures from the mom and from paris!

Chares Square Co-op said...

hee hee on the rubons.
less clothes=more scrappy goods.
yay on the mag...i will have to check it :)

Lu said...

oh, rub ons...are they not awesome. and can not wait to see page 78!!! yea!!

angieoh! said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 you are such a sweetie. enjoy your time off!

Anonymous said...

My toes curl, my eyes tear up, a coochy feeling overwhelms my being, my nose gets quivery at the end. . .whenever I read your blogs, but particularly this one. It's all so true and so YES YES! Love your page and your name in print. Well done. Helen's got your card you sent over to the church here now. We sisters are taking turns. It's so loverererly.

jayjay said...

I am NOT anonymous! I'm Chook, your buddy from New Zealand!

missquiss said...

I'm in love with your travel album!

Mara said...

great post.
love the mail love from alison.
yay for the pub!!

Anonymous said...

happy stuff
and love pg. 78
and you crack me up with the rub-ons
and i am working on your CJ
don't give up on me

Anonymous said...

You photoshop goddess you!...you are dazzling!...I'm seeing stars!...

jill said...

I love the travel album so so so much. I want one just like it. Have fun on your trip.

Michelle W. said...

OMG!!! Emma is so cute!!!

Congrats on your rocking pub!!!! I stll don't have a copy!


caroline said...

i'm on the disc for that issue
and it hasn't arrived yet
and i'm antsy
can't wait to see!!
(congrats, girl!)

Jen said...

I will have to pick up that issue and look for you!!!

staceykingman said...

That cool jar of
You just
be glad
that I am not Mrs. Incredible.
Because I would
without hesitation
stretch my superelastic arm all the way to
and snatch that right up.