Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Born of Light.

I am run-over-by-a-truck tired.
I have a cold.
I got a couple of movies.
Bill's at the brother's meeting.
Kids are in bed.
I wish I could be creative.
I might try after a bath.
A bath makes a lot of difference in one's outlook.

So anyway, I did this page. I "shopped" the photo, and thought the result was pretty good. It reminded me that I am someone who is part of two realms. And look at what the eternal portion is- light and sight.
The time portion? Kinda splotchy, except for the eyes, which retain the light of eternity- the sight of Jesus Christ in all things! A reminder that I am "made for another world" (CS Lewis)
I read that excerpt from the book Child of the Sea and it rang so true, as much of her writing does. Since you probably can't read it, and I want you to, here it is:

I try to hear the echo of a song they have brought from far and sing within themselves all the while they chatter nonsense, and to catch on their faces a glimpse of what they will be at their journeys end. Sometimes on first waking I have found myself with a singing rising up all round me but before I have understood the words the thread has broken and it has vanished. And that glimpse, it comes like light on a face and then it is gone, but if you have once seen it I do not think you could ever dislike the face it visited; not even if that face afterwards became evil. I think that evil is not immortal but that the light is.


Alison said...

Darling Sarah.
Has done it again.
Love to the photoshop
Love to the quote
Love to the artist

Chares Square Co-op said...

feel better sweetie.

jayjay said...

Oh toe-curlingly beautiful. Oh, such light on the face, and on a face in the photograph that is so very lovely, shining in the light of heaven.
Thanks dear. I too, have a never-ending cold, but enough of my mental resources at the ready to be able to appreciate the poem.

Lu said...

I so dig your page. And I hope you start feeling better real soon.

Colleen said...

me likey

Anonymous said...

love it :)

rest! rest rest rest!

Mike Morrell said...

Self promotion? Sarah, I have no idea what you mean.

Love ya.

PS: Nice pic!

Anonymous said...

This page is gorgeous. You have good skills. Photoshop skills. Quote-using skills. You know. I bet a butt-load of gangs want you to join cause you're pretty good with a paper trimmer.

Mara said...

awesome LO.
a bath does me well too...

caroline said...

that is awesome.

feel better!

Anonymous said...

I love this! Just love the excerpt!...fits the pic and page perfectly!

Jada's Gigi said...

Ahhh yes, the Light is eternal! What a gorgeous portrayal of both the realms we call home...you're creative in your sleep! Go take your bath..:)

Goody said...

I lub you, I lub you, I luuuub you! His light is catching, like fire!

Just Say Julie said...

this is amazing!

the title of your blogged intrigued me when I saw it over on 2peas.....gad i found it!

hope you are feeling better now!

Anonymous said...

love this 'simple elegance'. it's a great layout sarah!