Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Random Launch into a Thought.

What's really funny today is Emma lip sinc-ing to Les Miserables. Very hilarious. VERY dramatic. And when she got the Spanish cd in the Chick-fil-a kids meal, she said "I alweady Feak Fanish."

What's not really funny is me trying on about a million (ok 10) dresses and finding not a one that I like. Are there any cute dresses out there that don't either have a plunging neckline or make me look like an oompa loompa? (gene wilder not johnny depp, and btw, Alison, not so much.)

The answer is a resounding "no."
So I will go to the Easter Feast in something old. Unless the miraculous happens in about 2 days.

This easter feast. It's dinner on Saturday night. The guys have planned it. It is our take on the Lord's Supper, which traditionally has not been much of a celebration, or much more than a ritual. We are going to celebrate! We are going to sing and share and eat and be really happy about who He is and what He's done! I'm so excited about it!!

Bo and Bill are off on Friday. That's cool. We'll probably color easter eggs.

There are alot of depressed people out there. Old and young. Living in your neighborhood. Some of them have great reason to be, and some don't, but the misery is the same.

Having said that, I'm no therapist. But I see these people often. One thing I'm really grateful for is that I have enough experience with it now to NOT say to them- you should just choose to be happy, or think of your blessings, or chin up, or stiff upper lip, or pull yourself up by your bootstraps. I'm grateful that I have enough experience to joke with people about those things. To make them smile at the ridiculous notion that they could just will themselves to be happy.

And I'm grateful that I made it through. But I can't guarantee that they will. I can let them know that there is another side, and that I want them to reach it, and help them find the way to get there. But it's hard.

Life really is. I dare you to interview 10 random people and not find trouble. It's par for the course.

Does all this sound really pessimistic?
Can you deny it?

For me, it's even further reason to write stuff down. Remember the good. Mark the moments that are rich. Hold on to the Life you find. Secret the happiness away deep inside so you can recall it when you need it. Speak it over and over until it's planted in your heart. Stop and absorb the moment, and make it part of your history.

Oh, how rich the happiness is when it finally dawns after a long, cold night.


Thank you Lord. You are each one.

I'm really glad it's spring.


Michelle W. said...

miss chatting with you girl!


Jen said...

I had the SAME problem looking for something to wear this SUnday. Ugh. It was horrible.
And I love me some Les Mis.

Lu said...

I deeply dislike looking for a new Easter outfit. I am wearing something I already have and calling it a day. Jesus knows all about it.

sarah said...

Les Mis...a girl after my own heart. Love that soundtrack! :)

jayjay said...

and here I am really glad it's Autumn. Got up this Good Friday morning to spend time with the church at 6am and there was no one there. So I walked toward the dawn instead, and as I walked thought of how HE'd waked me and so it was great to sit and watch the sun rise over the harbour. I came home and wrote a poem. It's on my blog. Thinking of you, dear, and so appreciate your words. Balm to my soul. Lots of love

Anonymous said...

Hmm...yeah...I hadn't thought about what to wear on Easter. I'll wear something old.

You are a wise woman. I wish I knew you when I was depressed.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes life leaves us feeling really hurt!...Sometimes I think we need to allow ourselves to grieve for those hurts, to take a moment to feel the pain, acknowledge that it hurt and then move on!
However, it is a learnt artform, to recognize the need to do this. Most of us were taught as children to just get on with it, and mostly that is good advice...but as we all know, there are moments when dusting yourself off and getting on with it is just too difficult or painful to to all you sad people out there...have a good sook, allow yourself to feel sorry for yourself...and when people say "silver lining" recognize their desire to make you feel better...then when you've had a real good pity party go do something really nice for you!!! Wow, that was an epistle!....

Tammy said...

I usually don't buy a new Easter outfit...too much pressure. What a great blog entry. May God bless you richly this Easter. The dinner sounds like it's going to be very special...want to hear all about it!

Jada's Gigi said...

AMen! Mark the moments! This has been a habit of mine/our family's for years now and let me tell you, it really carries you through. You remember those moments with more clarity and this makes them live. There is truth to "stop and smell the roses" He is the season...He is spring...He is Life....may we notice Him more often.

Kim said...

Tell Emmma I want to "feak fanish" with her. Tee hee, that's too cute.

I'm glad it's Spring also!!!

Love ya!

staceykingman said...

I'm totally with you on the dress thing!

Goody said...

I am going to wear something old. I haven't seen one pretty new dress. (Not that I have looked at more than 20 or so.)
Depression? Hmmm, so when are you going to cheer ME up??????
Thankyou for being our spring Lord!
Great blog Sarah.