Sunday, October 30, 2005

Happy Halloween!

I just realized this morning that the holidays are arriving in a minute, and so I would most likely be bombarding this blog with posts of my kids doing very seasonal things. Isn't that nice? So here's for October:

Yes, Bo's hair is green. Soccer game. Bo drew the sketch for the pumpkin, and I carved it as written, the only addition being the tooth. I have never carved a pumpkin before, and I guess it was fun....harder than I expected...messy, of course, but look how HAPPY they are!!!! This pumpkin's name is Strong Surprised. We named him that because they thought he looked like a relative of Strong Bad, Strong Sad and Strong Mad.

Did the effer dare this week. I find these so inspiring. Every week when I see it, I think "Oh! I gotta do this one!"

I have a nurse story to post in honor of Thanksgiving- I need to finish it and edit it a couple of times, but the working title is "Black Panther Thanksgiving." That might whet your appetite a bit!!!

Finished my book, intro, sign-in page and my entry for the bloggin babes circle journal. I will scan it and post the photos here. I don't know what it is about circle journals. This is my third one (still haven't gotten my first one back) and in each one, I just go a bit crazy with the layouts. Very flea market art. I just use what I've got, and they end up looking very strange, and not at all what I expect. I guess because I know they are just for me, and that makes me feel that it's ok to go a little wacko. Whatever, right?

So for the inner life- a peace. A freedom achieved only by speaking to sisters of something I was ashamed to admit, but couldn't overcome. Simple. They gave me, in Donna's words, "Liberty in my conciousness." Does that mean anything to you? It means great heaps to me. That my freedom in Christ is leaking from my spirit into my concious mind, and becoming part of my everyday thought processes. That I am not "free" in theory, but in reality!!! Jesus Christ has fulfilled the law, and paid the price. I am free from corruption. I am free from sin and death. I am free from the thoughts that plague me daily, as my mind turns more and more to Him. He is liberty in my conciousness! Thank you Lord!

Emma has a new babysitter, as Kim starts the chemo process this week. It was such provision, and Emma likes Rachel- looks forward to going each day. Maybe the newness will wear off, but for now, I am so grateful.

I had to tell the kids about the chemo. I just told them that Kim would be going to the doctor alot, and had to take some medicine that would make her lose her hair. She wouldn't be able to babysit for a while, because she wouldn't feel good. We had to run a few errands, and when we came home, Kim was talking with a couple of sisters on the street, so we pulled over to talk to them. Emma had been processing the news that she would have a new babysitter, and the info about Kim and so wasn't saying much, but when we started to pull away, she reached out of her open window, and said with urgency in her voice "I wuv you, Kim!"

How often do we try to express all that we want to say, and fail? So many times. But she, in childlike simplicity, summarized all those thoughts, and boiled them down to one basic feeling- uttered in a simple passionate phrase. And it was worth gold to us. We all knew what she was really saying, but none of us would be able to express it clearly. How much history would you have to know to understand the LOVE in Emma's voice. I want to remember this. How my heart felt like it was breaking and mending all in one moment of time. How deeply we lay roots into each other's lives. How vital it is that we do so. How hard it can be, but how crucial it is.

And so ends another weekend. And tommorrow, more candy. (not shedding any tears over that. I LOVE candy!) Many familiar houses to trick or treat at. Such fun! So I don't have to dread Monday quite as much as usual. The week goes by so fast anyway, Friday will be here before I know it, and I will wonder how the laundry got all piled up!


Goody said...

I wuv you Kim! I wuv you Sarah! I wuv you Emma! I wuv you Lord Jesus!

Gina said...

Priceless photos. Will be treasures for years to come. You've introduced me to the inspiring effer dares. Love your LO.

Colleen said...!! love it! you post all you want. it's your blog!!!

love that page, but you already know that cause i left you mad pea praise.

candy...yum yum yum

happy halloween!

Jada's Gigi said...

Love the pics. Bo looks just like Bill and I think Emma looks like her Goody. :)
So glad when His freedom spills over into my daily life and into my routine thought process. Even mopre freeing that way.
Sisters can certainly help with that too. :) Sometimes I forget that others don't know or recognize the freedom I have found. they think I'm just really laid back! HAHAHA!
Fortunatley I believe He is sovereign and completly in controll plus He loves me unconditionally. What a combo!
Have a happy day and week.

Virginia said...

Once again, your blog has encouraged me today. Love that phrase: "Liberty in consciousness." That's so true. I love it when others can articulate things that I need defined.

That pumpkin is so cute! I agree, he totally looks related to the "Strong Family." ;) Your kids are even cuter...

Tammy said...

What cutie patooties! Lovin' that LO rock!

Anonymous said...

Hey -love the jack-o-lantern photos! Looking forward to seeing those holiday pixs!

SuburbanMom said...

Those are such cute kidlets!! And I love your LO. Every day I say I'm gonna start those effer dares....

Jocelyn said...

Those pictures are adorable- your kids are the cutest! Also, WOW- you are an amazing scrapper. Gorgeous style!!

And I get what you're saying.
Hugs and kisses to you <3

Kim said...

I know you love me Emma. I love you too!