Saturday, April 30, 2005

All Blogged Down

I've gotten it! A blog! One step closer to techno savvy! I have no idea whether I will be able to write on a consistent basis, post interesting bits of things, or even find the blog once I log off, but I am going to try, dog-gone it!

Wow, a whole world where I am the center of the universe! All about me. Whatever I want.

Allow Myself to introduce...myself.

I am a thirty year old wife, mother and nurse. My hobby is scrapbooking. What I am really all about, however, is knowing the Lord in a corporate setting. Hence, I am part of a church that meets in homes. We gather frequently during the week, live close together to make this possible, and enjoy the Lord in each other. It is a great life.

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, said...

wow, you sound like a kindred spirit! teehee. i am not a mama, but i nanny, and love kids, i scrapbook, love Jesus, go to a home church, love "the divine romance".... good to meet you sarah! :)