Sunday, June 21, 2015


"I would hope that as they read scripture more that they read it with their whole self. That they don’t separate out intellectual questions from obedience questions and that they don't see the project of learning more about the Bible as different from becoming a more faithful follower of the Lord. I wouldn’t want them to lose their first love as the Ephesian church was claimed to have done right in Revelation 2. But it’s a danger, the more knowledge one has, especially the way knowledge is understood in our education system. We can kind of bifurcate action and head knowledge and that’s not how the biblical text understands a wise person. A wise person is one who acts wisely, not just thinks grand thoughts. So I think that would be a caution and I worry about myself as well, being in this field and I would hate to in any way present the idea of learning about the Bible as somehow something you master. The Bible is to master us, so our exploration in the biblical text is not so that we have a greater command of it, but rather that it has a greater command over us. And I hope then that by studying the Bible they would grow in love of the Lord and also grow in the recognition that the Lord loves them beyond measure."

Dr Lynn Cohick (her stated hope for all her students at the end of this podcast)

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I agree that we have to be wise, to think and act good. It not only depands on Bible but on our own felling, too. I think that person that doesn't believe in God but acts good to others is a good person, too and more, this person can be better than a christian.