Thursday, February 02, 2012


But I'm really 37. 
This is last year's birthday. 
This year we went to Razoo's for dinner, and oh my yum. 

I bought myself a smash book for my birthday, and this is the scrappiest thing in there so far. Everything else is pretty bad, but hey, we all gotta re-start somewhere, right? 

This has been more of a "red pen" week, then a "red letter" week. It's been kinda rough, and feels like it's just been full of opportunities for personal correction. I got a monstrous cold sore yesterday, so I'm thinking that I pretty much failed at making good choices. 

One of my co-workers asked me if I'd named the cold sore yet. 

I hadn't named it, but I did with a quickness that only those with a penchant for quirkiness would understand. I named it "Esperanza." 
 I think that is quite possibly the most beautiful name in the world.
 It means hope. But it sounds like starry, miraculous, fairy-tale come true hope. 

So I'm taking the nasty, sickening blight on my countenance and naming it after something beautiful. 

That's weird, right? But its fitting, somehow. . 

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Pound said...

whoa you changed the background here!
you should've named your sore pointdexter. scrapping makes a return!