Friday, September 23, 2011


         I miss scrapbooking. Not honestly for the craft itself, but for the outlet it gave me. I *may* have gone slightly overboard in zeal at one point in my life, but looking back, no one was harmed in the process. In fact, my kids do not like it that I don't do it anymore and complain loudly about the fact. I must needs come up with a new way to be creative. When I come up with a cunning plan, I'll let you know. Everything seems to require too much time/money.
         But if I'm not currently creative, my kids certainly are. They are also growing at an alarming rate and require more space. I'm not about to stifle them, so they can have all the room they need. In the studio area. Not in the living room. Ok. They can have the living room, but they have to clean it up when they are done. I love what they are doing right now, and their enthusiasm and energy is wonderful.
          I feel like I am coming down with a nice flu right now and this is the first moment I've risen from the couch since I got home 4 hours ago. Perhaps that affects the mood and tone of this post, but I'm determined regain ground that has been lost from lack of practice.
          I will say it here to reinforce the idea in my brain: Self-neglect is not the "high road" nor it is a good example to set. Self-indulgence is not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about doing things that are healthy, right and natural for your spirit and your body. I can't really think of what those things might be right now. Possibly exercising and eating healthfully, but also allowing creativity to have a place in my life---beyond the creativity I'm using in dealing with people at work. I do enjoy that, but it's not a bucket-filler.
          I had an instructor in nursing school who encouraged us to make sure our buckets were filled. She said that the nursing profession, though fulfilling, can empty your bucket pretty fast and that we needed to find ways to fill it back up so that we did not burn out.
           So what fills the bucket? The ballet class I'm taking once a week. Bubble baths. Crawling into bed at night. Puppies who curl up with me when I don't feel good. Pinterest. (oh suck of my time, but it hurts so good.) Fall scents and getting emails from folks who tell me that I'm helping make their work in the clinic more successful.
            I must practice. Practice saying "yes" to the right things and "no" to the wrong things. Even if on some days what seems to be the wrong thing is just the difficult thing.

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jill said...

Oh I know what you mean about scrapbooking. I'm sure I'll never hear the end of it when my younger kids are old enough to realize that Lia has 6 albums for her first three years and they have...0. But yes, filling the bucket. I need to do this too.