Sunday, August 29, 2010

And the Years Fly By. A Retrospective.

Legos, Deodorant, clearasil, abercrombie, cheerfulness, sperrys, facebook, cotillion, punk rock.

Legos, Rock, Wizard 101, soccer, guitar hero, pumas, laptop.

Legos, early onset angst, old friends, cell phone, attitudes, transition, pokemon.

Legos, Pokemon, playstation, Harry Potter, the beach, Maple Story, student council, stitches.

Legos, Harry Potter, game cube, Yu-Gi-oh.

Legos, Magic Tree House books.

Legos, Thomas the Tank engine, Magic Treehouse Books.

Duplos, Thomas the Tank Engine

Duplos, Thomas the Tank Engine, Temper Tantrums

Thomas the Tank Engine, Spirit the Horse.

Go Dog Go, Baths and Cuddles and Kisses.

1 comment:

Pound said...

um, does he like legos?