Wednesday, February 10, 2010


It's a good thing it's such a short month, cause it's really long as is.
We are having so much winter in Texas, and I am dreaming of summer.
Or at least spring.
Open windows, color,
kids being able to play outside,
and, oh my goodness,
longer days.

I bought a pair of shape-ups about an hour ago.
I am sitting down and my feet feel numb,
which isn't so much related to the shoes
as it is
the lightning bolts of pain shooting down from my hips.
I mean, if I'm gonna have lightning bolts, I'd rather they shoot from my fingers or eyes,
rather than down from my hips,
rendering walking a journey from
one muttered curse word to the next.

It's just a flare up. It will pass.
(pass, please pass)
and then I will begin the prevention of pain
and stiffness routine
Which consists of me saying
"I need to exercise, I need to stretch."
30 times a day.

Clearly an exercise in futility.

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