Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Things of the present.

One good thing about being a nurse is that when your son gets six stitches in his right thumb, and ten days have passed, you can just take those crazy eyelash-looking things out without having to wait at Solantic for an epoch or two.

One bad thing about being a nurse is that you still get sick. Then a good thing is that you get better. Then a bad thing is that your daughter gets sick.

One good thing about being a nurse is participating in this, and having teachers join you in support of the kids. Very cool.

I'm getting my scrapbooks organized and accomplished what Emma (bless her poor feverish little body) called "a little bit of re-doing." I took about 15 minutes to move some pictures around on the bookshelf that is our living room and dust it. Then I laid down for 2 hours.

I am re-re-re-reading a book that Susie gave me not long after Bill and I were married. It is my go to book for comfort and is a re-set button when I feel unsatisfied with my home and the life I live inside it. Unlike most design books, it makes me appreciate what I have. Love this book, and recommend it to anyone.


Christina Carnoy said...

looks like a good book!

Pound said...

that book looks interesting. i want.

and i love that you said epoch. <3 *giggling* in reference to an er wait.

jayjay said...

Lovely looking book, and yes, I know the feeling and the soul being nourished just be dwelling for a while in a book like that. Sorry you've been sick, and that darling Em as well. Hope you are all well by now.

Jada's Gigi said...

Hope your feeling better

jill said...

Design books always leave me unsatisfied with my house. I should check that one out. Hope all is well with you!