Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Man, it's been a while since I
a) posted
b) posted with that title!

But since Linda tagged me, I shall come out of my blog slump and post.

Seven random facts about me.

Which may turn into seven random things I thought about today, but that's still about me, right?

I finally am eating something besides a meat and cheese sandwhich, diet cherry vanilla dr. pepper and 100 cal snack bag for lunch. That is what I have eaten all year, with only slight variation, and the occasional splurge for "Grease Friday" when we order lunch out. This week I have had a lean pocket, a propel and a 100 cal snack bag. That's high livin' right there.

I have been diet coke free for 9 days. I have also been relatively headache free for 9 days.

Except for last friday night when I worked as a server and had a diet caffeine free coke to sustain me.

Speaking of which, having donned the tux shirt, bowtie and vest for the event, I now have complete sympathy for all the grooms in the world. Sheesh.

I remembered something. I remembered that my mother told me it was probably time for Bo to move to a sippy cup because he was throwing his bottle in the sink when he was finished with it. Before you gasp at how old he was, he was not yet two. So there. Train 'em early, I always say.

I really could eat candy morning noon and night. I love candy. dang it dang it dang it.

I am very strict with my children. My philosophy is that I'm raising them to be responsible, flexible, well-rounded adults. Lord help me, it's hard. They are so funny!

K. that's seven. Not very interesting really, but there you are.


Goody said...

It is so pathetic that I have to go to your blog to find out what is current in your life!!!!!! I need to talk to Bo more often if I want details of every day life.

Pound said...

lean pocket?? sheesh you're outta control!
thank god that thing about bo wasn't from like... yesterday lol. :P

Christina Carnoy said...

awesome fun facts, tfs!!