Sunday, January 20, 2008

Time for a change

The template was starting to make me nauseous, and I was craving peace and quiet. I'm adding to my links list as I go. My brain can handle only so many template changes on a Sunday morning as I procrastinate going to work out. (Scratch that. It's valid that I'm not there yet. The kids club doesn't open until 10. So there.)

Been crafty on this delightful four day weekend. I was inspired by a thread on SIS to do an "all about you" book for my daughter. Two jump rings and two 50 cent squares of chipboard later, I've come up with a way to do quick 6x6 pages and add to the album when I have new pictures and new quotes and new funny stories about this daughter of mine. This may be something I'll actually keep up with. I'm going to do one for Bo also. Watch this space for pictures.

Lets see.... other interesting things...


We went to the circus, thanks to Bo and Emma, who won tickets at the mall last weekend. What a spectacle.

Bo and Em have been playing "Stuffed Animal Circus" the new incarnation of "Stuffed Animal Playhouse" and, in addition, I am pleased to announce the wedding of Spirit the Horse and Roseyanna the Unicorn, and also the union of Gideon the Seahorse with Snow Sparkle the Unicorn. For those of you concerned about the potential problems of a marriage between a seahorse and a unicorn, have no fear. I've been informed that Gideon swims "in the air."

My nephew has been listed as one of the top 25 players in Jacksonville by the Florida Times Union. Go Dave!


Christina Carnoy said...

can't wait to see the pics of your album!!!

Bill Heroman said...

David Marlar jumped so high, that other guy's head disappeared!

(hold for laughter)


Pound said...

i like your new template. and dang, that little avatar of bill in the comments looks exackly like bo. i mean, bo looks like him. HA.