Sunday, August 06, 2006


I have a story I want to tell about Standing Room Only in the Teatro Colon, but I'm feelin' scrappy tonight, so it will have to wait.

Some more pics:

A shopping area on Defensa.

A tip for travelers to this city. There is so much to fill your vision at eye level and below, but it is very important that you not forget to LOOK UP.

Kids playing soccer in front of this huge monument in what was called "Pirate Park" where they sell all the bootleg copies of movies and cds. Please note that this woman stands on the left side of the monument.

It's a rather long subte ride to Pirate Park, and if you are Todd, you fall asleep standing in an ancient subway car, where I'm sure many revolutionaries formulated dangerous philosophies in days gone by.

Natalia had the day off and joined us

And apparently that's all the photos that Blogger is allowing me to post tonight.



caroline said...

yes yes
i am loving those photos
loooks like you had an AMAZING time!!

jayjay said...

Aw yummy yummy photos, and YOU'RE BACK!! YAY.
Love those lustrous settings - I can imagine what it was like to be there. AND to see Haydee. . . after all these years. Balm to the soul. MORE please. AND more words, when you get time.
Love you both so much,

Colleen said...

blogger stinks
i had the same problem with my germany pics

everyone said firefox from mozilla
do it
you won't be sorry

and yay! you are back!!

Jada's Gigi said...

WElocme home! Looks like you had a great trip! blogger is giving me LOTS of picture trouble lately! Very annoying.

Goody said...

Oh how I am enjoying the photo's. It is so fun to see where you were. More, more, more!!!

Barb said...

Love that shot of the shopping area.

What a trip!