Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I'm off it.
Working hard on trying to get back on.
Sleep helps.
Not letting the laundry become the proverbial straw, which means,
doing it.

Doing the dishes.
Straightening here and there.
Looking up from the computer.
Reading in bed.

I hate to be a routine kinda girl. But there it is.
What can you do.

Buenos Aires in less than a month now.
When I remembered that today, I remembered You, Lord.
And lingered awhile.
Faith is Substance.

Reading : History of Love (good)
Subconcious Song: Hold Me Jesus (Rich Mullins)
Soundtrack: Cars
Movie: Cars
Gamecube: Cars
Spending most of my time in: Cars

I'd like to thank Stacey Kingman, once again, for the format of this post.


Lu said...

Seems you have a lot of CARS on the brain! I think you are right about routine. Sometimes, we need it to keep us focused and get us back on track.

Colleen said...

got cars on the brain
so jealous of your trip to BA

maybe the gamecube can destress you?

Tammy said...

LOL!! Our household is in a CARS mode too...loved that movie...saw it twice...kids can't wait to go to McD's to get happy meals, which I'm usually against but for some weird reason right now I'm saying OK too...funny huh? Hoping you find your focus soon...sometimes we just need that.

missquiss said...

I need routine so badly! Cannot function without it.

jill said...

yay for routine. I wish I had one.

Jada's Gigi said...

BA!! I'm so jealous!

Anonymous said...

i can SO relate to this, sarah. i'm so out of whack this days. hate it. hoping to get back in a groove starting next week. (asking for much with it being a holiday week?)

jessica said...

Routines are boring but necessary.

Before I have children I'm really gonna have to talk myself into liking animation. This cars stuff is all the rage, no?

Anonymous said...

i have a routine
and it is very
seeing as i have no
kids, should i see

JB said...

I know what you mean about routines! I swore I'd never be a routine person, and it didn't REALLY hit me that I was one, til one day my husband wanted to go on a picnic (or something else equally mellow) and I got all stressed! I realized it's cuz it wasn't part of the routine! lol (We didn't go on the picnic though.) I told him if he wants to be spontaneous, he needs to give me about a week's notice!

Goody said...

Routine is good. It helps ones mind remain orderly in a chaotic world. I can be spontaneous if you let me know a week in advance! Or, call me to go to Mijos and I can meet you in 5 minutes.
Sleeeeep dear, sleeeeeeep!

caroline said...

cars, eh?

Anonymous said...

Hmm...got me thinking...routine gives me comfort sometimes...but other times I feel like they restrict me...so I bust out of them til I feel the need for comfort again....does that make any sense at all?...yeah, I didn't think so?!..

Just this Girl said...

hey... have you seen cars?!

staceykingman said...

This is so funny: I was reading your blog and just feeling so COMFY and I realized only when I read the last line that the reason it was so comfy was the many times you hit "enter" !

I love "Hold Me Jesus" too. And now you have it going in my head. Such a good thing.