Thursday, March 09, 2006

I'm not neglecting my blogly duties. Well, technically, I am, but not out of plain ol' sheer neglect. I've been busy. Really. My patient today asked me about 5 times what I've been busy doing. Ummmmm, well,.....there's scrapping (done about 1 page this week and that was last weekend, except for the card I made today, and the songbook cover I made Tuesday night... OK WHATEVER. You know you do that too.)

Of course having two children just ups the busy ante, even if you sit on the couch and eat bon-bon's all day (which I don't, but am not opposed to it on principle.) You can tell people "I sit on the couch and eat bon-bon's all day. But I have two children." And they will sigh and shake their heads with understanding. The sigh and the shake gets more and more pronounced with each added child. Usually by the time I tell people that my sister has 5, they are having a Grand Mal seizure and hyperventilating. Luckily I'm a nurse and know how to handle these things. I tell them she works too. They proceed to faint dead away, and revive shortly, acting just as normal as the next person. (If it's me that's the next person, it's not really saying much for the normality factor.)

So as I was saying - about the busy thing- I seriously couldn't think of anything I could explain that keeps me busy. I work, I meet with the church here, I meet the needs of small people living in my house, I compute, I scrap, lather, rinse, repeat.

I've tried to think of pithy, profound or even funny things to blog about.


We were sick.

Happy visit with Missy inspite of sickness.

Emma threw up in Michaels. Oh boy was THAT fun.

She's losing her voice now, which is not good, but kinda cute.

Bo had open house tonight.

Spring break next week.

I cleaned house yesterday.

(Long pause as the cheers and applause goes on for about 5 curtain calls.)

(still smiling and waving)

"Thank you, thank you. No really, thank YOU."

So really, and I'll be honest here- this is the filler post. Cause I'm almost to 10,000 hits. I've got a RAK ready and waiting for that time.

Scrappers take your mark.


Chares Square Co-op said...

well...i am also in the "" category...
what the heck huh?
busy - me too. i know the drill.
but i am definitely head cheerleader for that cleaning business - congratulations!!! (clap clap cheer cheer)

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, I haven't undated mine since February 28th. And I haven't even been that busy. I just got nothing to say these days. Same old stuff. I don't even have a Michael's vomiting episode to report.

Missy said...

Sarah... you honestly CRACK ME UP.
I hope things slow down just a smidge for you :)

Virginia said...

Ok girl. Your entries always crack me up or inspire me or encourage me. (This was in the crack me up category.)

I've been busy somehow lately too. But don't have much to show for it. :)

Tammy said...

Sarah...I'm rolling on the floor laughing...I am so with's funny how a mom can be so busy...I know with three boys and then watching twin 3 year old girls during the day it's amazing that there are honestly people out there who think I have time on my hands...thanks for the laugh!

Lu said...

you know, with all the other things you have going on, you should not feel obligated to post. do your thing, girl and I know you have some creative stuff bubbling in your brain. We need to talk about what we were talking about a few months ago.

Goody said...

Pithy: Sentenious is one of the definitions. Hmmm. Essence is another. Energy. I had forgotten about this word. I'll add it to my words along with Re-member, To-get-her, Remain and Glee! Pithy, I like it! When a mother works outside of the house it is harder. So many jobs to think of. One needs bon-bons. Those special Bon-bons d'jour. Have a couple!!

Anonymous said...

this is like reading a cool short story
sorry for the vomit and busy-ness
you do, however, report it quite well

Anonymous said...

this is like reading a cool short story
sorry for the vomit and busy-ness
you do, however, report it quite well

Jada's Gigi said...

Everyone who knows, knows that living life and meeting with the church is just about all anyone can handle...:)
I used two work 2 jobs and meet with said church and have 3 other life at