Friday, March 31, 2006

Four and Fabulous.

Emma and I went shopping today. Technically, I think it was a shopping spree. She was quite despeerit for play clothes. We came home and laid all the clothes out on her bed, and I mentioned having a fashion show. She was game before I even finished the words. She required only one thing. "Musint." So I turned on the Kid Mix from trusty old music match, and as you can see, it took her only a minute to warm up. There was a bit of a lull when Bryan Adams came on singing a song from "Spirit" after we had just finished "I'm a Believer" by Smashmouth, and "Dancing Queen" (the Mamma Mia version.) She said "Dat's Spiwit! I can't do dis to Spiwit!" So we put a little Jungle Book on the spin, and things went groovily after that.

As you can see, my craving for the "cool" clothes of my 4-6 grade years have been quenched today. Luckily, Em doesn't know she's retro-fab. She is quite happy with butterflies and pink.

This skirt has turquoise in it. I promise. I wish you could see how CUTE it is!!!!

Emma "wuvs dat bu-erfwy" She got some butterfly sandals that make her actually fly. She is certain, and feels no need to prove it. I guess those shorts make her do Mr. Roboto.

I know it's alot of tank-topage, but it's so hot here, and her arms are so yummy!!! Yes, she is walking like an Egyptian, to complete the total 80's package.
I thought this would be my fav. The top is cuter on the hanger, and the pants were huge. So it's going back. Too bad.
This one we both love. Very Rhonna F.

And the swim suit. She insisted on wearing her "fwip fwops" and "pwetend I'm on da beach." I could pretend only so far. It was hard to suspend belief, as care-bear panties on the ground are not a normal sight for the average beachgoer. Bill painted that floor. I love it. There is a chandelier in her room, and it is very frou-frou candy store sweet-when it isn't a complete and utter mess as pictured.

So with the dresses that Susie (Bill's mom) so generously sends us, Emma is kitted out for the spring and summer. Thank you for coming to Emma's "Stywin' Sow." We hope you enjoyed it.

P.S. Blogger is letting me upload pictures tonight. We had a long talk, and worked it out. Thanks so much for your advice Bec. You were sooooo right. My happiness DOES matter, and blogger needed to understand that. Thanks for your wisdom.


Goody said...

They are all my favorites! But she does look a little bit grown up even if there are buttewfwies on the outfits. I wuv you Emma! You look very cute in your new clothes and shoes!

Missy said...

oh my goodness, emma is ADORABLE!!
and I love the emma-speak :)

gloria said...

Girl ones are *so much funner* than boy ones!!

What a doll.


Michelle W. said...

oh the cutie pie! She looks good in anything . Love the tanks! So cute!

*can't wait to chat with you again on 2peas!!!*


Anonymous said...

I adore Emma! She's the most precious thing ever! And you are too funny. Does everyone do that when they get home with new clothes? I know I do.

Colleen said...

LOL! check out that big fat bow too. sweet!

Anonymous said...

Anytime Sarah! You have no idea how refreshing it is to be recognized for the wise old sage that I so obviously am!...but even more exciting...and might I add...kinda the fact that you get my sense of humour and seem to have an equally obscure sense of humour yourself!...oh joy and rapturous elation! a kindred (funny and oh so witty)spirit!
...and how cute is Emma!..please!..

Lu said...

she is too cute.

Jocelyn said...

she wins cutest little girl award, but
you win cutest mommy ever award

those shirts are so cute! and if they don't come in my size, that's ok. i can probably squeeze into her size... they'll be a little tight. and a little remniscent of midriff clothes that we were definitely not allowed to wear in middle school....

e said...

well...i never wanted a girl until...NOW....
ohhhh, i want to come see the fashion CUTE!
Love the emma-speak....and the girlie cUteness....sigh... are a doll! xe

Anonymous said...

if i could i would wear a bow like that in my hair. too bad i'm not 4 anymore. love the fashion show.

staceykingman said...

Oh sweet sweet sweet! I love the show! I do have a favorite, but I won't tell. She's adorable in all of it!!

jayjay said...

AW Delicious!! So very yummy. Love the clothes, wish I could have been humming in the background. Thanks for downloading. . . it was so worth it.

caroline said...

she looks sooo cute

Jen said...

OMG!!!!!!!!! Could she BE any cuter???

Gina said...

Gotta love IKEA. We got that bedspread for Leila. And the dragon rug for Luke. I'm surprised you're not doing the 21 day challenge by Rhonna. I hope your eye is better soon.

Anonymous said...

this little photo shoot is so fun! i can feel a fab layout stemming from these .... ?